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We are on a mission to changing the world through Corporate Happiness Training.

Employees are loving it.

Meet Us

We are the most effective Corporate Happiness training for companies that have as primary goal to create more meaningful workplaces.

We are the leading training academy for want-to-be Happiness Consultants that want to join the Happiness In the Workplace Revolution and build a business in the field.

Chief Happiness

Officer International Certification

The training that will change your life forever.

You will gain expertise in how to design and implement an efficient Organisational Happiness Strategy in a company or a client.


Join the revolution. 

Happiness Manager Training

Want to be a positive change agent in the corporate world? Then this training is for you.

Become a specialist in linking head and heart in a company and learn how to be in the arena implementing emotional salary strategies, promoting purposeful careers. 

Start Your Journey


It was a CHO...W!

A balanced approach between science and art, brain and heart, thought and emotion

Inês Nascimento

HR Director

An experience that will last forever!

Three very happy days!!! We are proud to be part of this movement that will change the future!

Hugo Paiva

HR Director

Flying Tiger


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