4H hands-on-role workshop to rock your team's Positive Psychology

How it works?

Based on Science of Happiness studies, resulting from the birth of Positive Psychology and the new key competences of People Management and Personal Leadership, this workshop has as its main goals to hold employees accountable for their internal happiness and motivation.

At TYM we believe that Happiness is a way of living, which can be learnt and practiced.

Key contents:

  • Positive Psychology and evolution of it

  • Burnout, Stress and Depression in the workplace. Presentation of the current reality.

  • Clearly identify what the team and/or individual happiness consists of

  • Measuring and assessing team and/or individual happiness

  • Identification of the factors and variables that condition the well-being of each individual - Personal values ​​and goals VS Organizational values ​​and goals

  • Disrupt the 'damage control' mindset, creating as a standard procedure the focus on the strengths of character and talents

  • Techniques and strategies for promoting well-being and happiness in the team based on the diagnosis and knowledge of each team member

  • Personal/collective resilience, empathy

  • Happiness Journaling and gratitude

  • The importance of mindfulness

  • Final project: Action plan that promotes a culture of corporate happiness, fit-to team.

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